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Our First COIL Session with National Taiwan University

  • December 16, 2021
  • ご報告 学生交流
Our first COIL session with National Taiwan University between Dr. T.C. Hsiao of NTU’s Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering and Dr. Kojiro Shimada of the Faculty of Science.
Three Masters and PhD students at NTU gave advice and insights into presentations by two undergraduate students from Ryudai, before presenting findings from their latest research projects.
The session, held entirely in English, featured active dialogue between NTU and Ryudai students. Research findings presented by NTU students also provided a valuable, eye-opening learning experience to both staff and students at Ryudai.
Dr. Shimada’s class is an omnibus offering that also featured a lively presentation by Dr. M. Golabi of the University of Guam, who spoke with our students about a joint collaboration between University of Guam and Okayama University on waste management. Our time with Dr. Golabi stretched by more than 30 minutes to almost 2.5 hours as students asked several questions on waste management in Guam and compared it with systems in Japan.