COIL-style Education

COIL-style Education

What’s COIL?

Collaborative Online International Learning is an online learning system to work on solving problems collaboratively by interacting with universities located overseas. Generally, COIL is conducted in three ways: 1) real-time, or synchronous exchange, 2) interacting with uploaded videos, files, messages, or asynchronous exchange, and 3) hybrid exchanges consisting of both types used in combination. A combination of these three approaches may be used along with differing learning objectives. One strong advantage of the University is that exchanges with institutions in the Pacific region benefit from smaller time differences, with a mere five-hour difference between Okinawa and Hawaii.

Our COIL Lessons

For details on our COIL lessons, please see Our COIL Newsletters.

    COIL Support System

    The Global Education Support Organization provides support for those who want to introduce COIL lessons. Feel free to contact us for more information.(Inquiries from here)

    Partner Matching

    1. You can find a partner through your personal network.
      Please contact us if you have any requests or proposals related to COIL lessons.
    2. Support by Inter-University Exchange Project Support Team
      The Support Team will assist you to find a partner so that you are matched up by research topics and fields of interest.

    Lesson Plans

    The Support Team helps develop effective COIL lessons by collaborating on pedagogical aims, goals, content, and the number of students.

    COIL Technology

    1. Synchronous COIL (Real-time exchanges)
      Zoom or Skype are web-based tools that are useful for synchronous exchanges.
      *We support teaching staff who use ZOOM in particular. Contact us if you need help.
    2. Asynchronous COIL (On-demand exchange)
      Google Classroom, Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, LINE, etc. are convenient.
    3. Hybrid COIL
      This method combines synchronous and asynchronous delivery.

    Lesson Support

    We offer technical support for instructors, as follows:

    • Issuance of a Zoom ID (Video conference system)
    • Equipment (video cameras, web cameras, speakers, etc.)
    • Installation
    • Troubleshooting during COIL exchanges


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